VP Bukenya Ordered to Shut Up during Cardinal's Golden Jubilee Celebration

1017 Views Kampala, Uganda
What was intended to be a solemn, but joyful celebration for the 50 years of the service of Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala went haywire this afternoon when a man ordered Vice President Gilbert Bukenya to shut up. Martin Kizito, a member of Ggaba Parish Church Choir, interrupted Bukenya as he made a speech in commemoration of Cardinal Wamala at Rubaga Cathedral. The Vice President was in the middle of a fairly longwinded speech about the current land reform, constitutional amendment and the influence the Cardinal has on the decisions of Cabinet when he was interrupted. Shouting at the top of his voice, Kizito said he was fed up of Bukenya. He told Bukenya to leave the pulpit immediately because he wasn't making sense anymore. The Vice President, who is usually a man of many words, was dumbstruck by the attack and in a moment of confusion attempted to make eye contact with Kizito. His bodyguards swung into action and led Kizito out of the cathedral, chastising him for his open affront on Gilbert Bukenya. Not everyone was happy with this and some members of the congregation could be heard mumbling that Kizito should have had his say in regards to the Vice President's speech. Choir members from Ggaba were embarrassed by the interruption. One of them, Jackie Kemigisha, claimed that Kizito had a history of mental illness and may have forgotten to take his medication this morning. //Cue in: iYou know he's been okay #i Cue out: i# decided to shout.i// Kizito was interrogated for a short time by police and plain-clothed security officers outside the cathedral and was then released to go home. The service ended unceremoniously shortly thereafter.