Sewage Spill Pollutes Masindi Town

891 Views Masindi, Uganda
A sewerage spill in Masindi town has sparked off a health scare among residents. The spill occurred last week when a clogged sewer pipe underneath an old commercial building along the town's market street burst, spewing sewerage out of a manhole. The sewerage flowed down the streets into low-lying streams and spring wells near the town's abattoir. The sewage has affected several traders who operate their shops along Market Street in the town central business district. The stench from the sewage has sparked off fears of an eminent outbreak of illnesses like cholera, food poisioning and diahorrea. The Masindi Secretary for Works, Ronald Sande, says the Town Council has contracted Doty Services, to construct an ultramodern multi-billion water and sewerage system to counter the mess. //Cue in: iTrue that #i Cue out: i# enough resources.i// Sande says that Masindi Town Council plans to contribute 200 million shillings to Dott Services to tarmac a five-kilometer road stretch, within the town centre. //Cue in: "What we #" Cue out: "# contract."//