Sembabule Education Officer acused of Fraud

3189 Views Sembabule, Uganda
Gertrude Nakabira, the District Education Officer Sembabule is being investigated for causing the district a financial loss of shillings 125 million. Nakabira is being accused of maintaining a list of ghost teachers on the pay roll. Seruwano Kabogorwa, the Resident District Commissioner Sembabule, accuses Nakabira of conniving with Josephine Nakato, the personnel officer to defraud the district. Seruwano says that teachers from St Emmanuel Junior Academy in Kinoni trading center, which is owned by Nakabira, access payment from government. He says that they have established names of about 15 teachers from Nakabira's school who appear on the district pay roll. He says that the teachers have been drawing salary from Sembabule district since February 2007, yet they are full time staff at St Emmanuel Junior Academy in Masaka. Seruwano says thatthe teachers use different names at St Emmanuel Junior School but their photos are the same on the pay roll in Sembabule. Kabogorwa also said that some teachers were recruited and promoted to high positions which are not in equivalent to their jobs. He also says that preliminary investigations indicate that Nakabira connived with some primary head teachers to inflate the number of pupils in UPE schools in the district. He says that some of the affected schools are in Mateete, Lwebitakuli, Lugusulu and Ntuusi sub counties. Gertrude Nakabira denies any wrong doing. She insists that none of the teachers in her private school is on the pay roll. She says that pay roll was cleaned in the 2005 restructuring exercise and all ghost removed.