Sam Kutesa Accused of Bribing Voters

944 Views Sembabule, Uganda
Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa is accused of voting bribers to win the Mawogola County parliamentary race. Kutesa's rival, Isha Ntumwa, has filed the accusation against him with the Electoral Commission. Ntumwa wants the Minister immediately disqualified from the elections. Ntumwa claims that Kutesa is bribing voters in Mawogola County, Sembabule with bags of cement and iron sheets. He says the Minister hands out the inducements under the pretext of giving to the needed. The bribes were allegedly distributed at Kutesa's campaign rallies in Matete, Lwebitakuli and Mijwara. Isha Ntumwa also claims that the Minister has been handing out three million shillings at each parish he visits. He says he reported the matter to Electoral Commission authorities in Sembabule, but they refused to act because they are Kutesa's puppets. Sam Kutesa says he has never bribed voters. He accuses Ntumwa of spreading lies to distract people from the key issues in the campaign. Kutesa says the only handout he has given is lunch and a transport refund to his campaign organizers. Isha Ntumwa and Sam Kutesa have been at odds since the NRM primary elections in August. Ntumwa claims Kutesa rigged the vote to secure the NRM nomination for next year's elections. ###