Road Construction works Disrupt Business in Kikuubo

1458 Views Kampala, Uganda
Several businesses in Kikuubo, Kampala's cental business center have been disrupted by the on-going construction work on the Kikuubo lane. Several Businesses which were displaced by the construction of a new building at Mini price Baata have suffered double tragedy. They have now been forced away from the lane. Close to 8,000 women and men have been operating roadside retail business around the lane. Recently Kampala City Council budgeted for 3.8 billion shillings to upgrade Kikuubo Lane, Nakasero Lane, Kinawataka Road, Sentema Road and part of Busabala Road. Four roadside vendors that spoke to Uganda Radio Network, say they have lost business. They are however happy that the if complete the new lane would provide easy access to Kikubo and bring in More cutomers. Herbert Byendegye welcomed the construction works but urged the contractors to speed up the work to minimize looses. //Cue in: iThe business# Cue out: #our work.i// Some Traders have been forced to off-load their merchandise on Nakivubo road or Ben Kiwanuka. The contractor has dug a ditch cutting off customers to the shops on the lower side, however the traders have placed timber over the ditch that their customers have to walk over to reach the shops without falling into the ditch. The usually busy Kikuubo lanes has been deserted. Heavy Trucks and tractors are packed in the middle of the road to block any lorries entering Kikuubo lane to offload their merchandise.


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