Report on Hoima Town Clerk's Acquittal made Public One Year after its Release

1363 Views Hoima, Uganda
A report by the Inspector General of Government, clearing the former Hoima Town Clerk of fraud, has just been made public, more than two years after the official was suspended from office. There is confusion among the members of the Hoima Town Council over why the report vindicating Kakooza Kabyanga has just been publicized. In the report, the Inspector General of Government (IGG) acquitted Kabyanga and two others of issuing a forged cheque worth 4.7 million shillings to one Henry Ddumba from Kampala. Although the report was given to the Town Council in September last year, the current Hoima Town Clerk, Alfred Kiiza, only made the IGG's findings known to Kabyanga and his co-accused this week. Kabyanga says he hasn't been given an explanation for the delay. He says he relieved at being cleared of the accusations, but that the concealing of the report has cost him money and ruined his reputation. //Cue in: iA report which is #i Cue out: ito sit on it.i// Kabyanga says the news of his acquittal is still too fresh for him to make a decision on what action to take against the Town Council. He however says he may consider court action if no amicable resolution of the matter is reached. //Cue in: iI am still cooling down #i Cue out: i# the last resort.i// One thing Kabyanga is clear about is that he wants his job back. It is unclear how this would happen considering that the new Town Clerk, Alfred Kiiza, was only recently confirmed in the post.