PWDs Bitter About Poor Welfare at Election of MPs

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John Steven Kafeero, a delegate from Kampala, said one of his colleagues got an accident in the bathroom where he went to bath.

Members of the electoral college of Persons with Disabilities-PWDs have expressed dissatisfaction with the way Electoral Commission has catered for their welfare. 

Some of the delegates told URN at Colline hotel in Mukono this afternoon during the election of PWDs representatives to parliament that, the Commission booked them in various lodges without access ramps.  

They said the failure by Electoral Commission to book them into friendly facilities is a violation of their rights.  Some of the delegates said in addition to poor accessibility, some of them went without meals because of poor planning.
John Steven Kafeero, a delegate from Kampala, said one of his colleagues got an accident in the bathroom where he went to bath.
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Cue out: …thing was broken.'//
Goffin Candia, a delegate from Arua says he had to return the keys for the hotel room that he was allocated and looked around for a friendly room at his own cost. 

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Laura Kanushu, a candidate says the negligence of the Commission has cost them as some of the delegates turned to them for help. He advises the Commission to give the delegates their welfare money in future elections to cater for themselves.
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Cue out: …themselves something.'//

But Stewart Tamale, the Returning Officer, says Electoral Commission booked the facilities on the understanding that the hotels had favorable facilities for PWDs. He says the hotels must have been short of accommodation facilities and opted to hire other facilities. 
Tamale says the Commission finds it difficult to give the delegates their money for welfare because it will not be easy to manage time given that many of them have mobility issues. 
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