Presidential Candidates Accused of being Out of Touch with Reality

1272 Views Kampala, Uganda
As the presidential election campaigns enter a third month, some Ugandans are asking whether the candidates are in touch with average Ugandan life. At a public forum earlier this week, it was pointed out that some of the candidates do not understand the challenges of Ugandans. The candidates were chastised for failing to provide solutions for the poor, jobless multitudes in the country. Independent presidential candidate Samuel Lubega was particularly criticized for his grand pledges for Uganda's transformation. In his campaign manifesto, Lubega promises immediate relief to the unemployed, a functional social welfare system and equal opportunities for all. Becky Nabakooza, a Makerere University student who had studied Lubega's manifesto in detail, says the presidential candidate doesn't offer any concrete solutions to Uganda's problem. She says the promise to provide jobs for all Ugandans is unrealistic given the country's economic status and the growing national population. Nabakooza says Lubega and the other presidential candidates are out of touch with the country. //Cue in Mr. Lubega doesn't know ..." Cue out...yet they are not there."// Samuel Lubega disputes this argument. He says he has a concrete plan for progress, which he will embark upon if he is elected into power. Lubega says his strategy involves looking past grand national investments to the economic contributions of ordinary Ugandans. He says he will institute measures to protect the poor from exploitation in order that the benefits of the growing economic can be shared equitably. //Cue in: "The construction industry ..." Cue out: "... welfare guarantees."// Lubega also promises a true federal democracy for Uganda. He says he will enhance national security and solidarity so that all Ugandans are safe, free and prosperous. ###