Museveni Admits Police Failure to Handle Gun Crime Top story

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The president's concern comes at a time of increased gun crime

President Yoweri Museveni has acknowledged the failure by Uganda Police to handle Murder, Corruption, Tax Evasion and money laundering crimes.
Museveni made this observation in his State of the Nation Address Serena Conference Hall this afternoon.  He noted that the absence of advanced technology that can facilitate investigations has made the Police Force unable to reduce cases of murder, corruption, tax evasion and money laundering in the county.

Museveni disclosed that he observed Police used rudimentary methods in the investigations into the Busoga murders and murder of Muslim clerics as well as well as politicians and businessmen.

He said police detectives were just asking were asking witnesses where they saw the suspects and whether they saw their faces, which he says can't be helpful if the crime is committed in the night.

The president's concern comes at a time of increased gun crime. Police has since established a Special Operations and Intelligence Unit in Nalufenye,Jinja District to combat violent crime.

Freddie Egesa, a former police officer and a security analyst concurs with the president's observation saying government should help equip police with modern technology.


With police stations still registering cases in counter books and case files not yet computerized, the force is yet to make the basic steps into technological advancement. Government's commitment is to have CCTV cameras in all major town across the country in the next two years.
The first phase of implementation is already underway in Kampala where the project began in 2013. Computerized identity card project is also part of the effort towards reduction of crime and easy investigations.