One Killed, 30 Injured in Gulu Bus Accident

2022 Views Gulu, Uganda
One person has died and more than 30 others have been injured in a bus accident at Kigumba, along the Kampala-Gulu Highway. The bus belonging to the BTC Bus Company overturned at 9:00 pm, between Jjeja Trading Centre and Kigumba town. Patrick Akena, the BTC Bus Company manager -Gulu Branch, explains that the accident was caused by a technical mishap. The headlights failed to function forcing one of the passengers to offer light using a torch. But the reflection of torch light on the windscreen interfered with the driver's vision, who mistook the light for a car coming from the opposite direction. Akena says that the driver quickly veered off the road leading to the accident. The injured were rushed to Kigumba, St Mary's Lachor and Gulu independent Hospitals.


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