Old Taxi Park Traders Assured of Government Protection

1054 Views Kampala, Uganda
Traders at the Old Taxi Park have been assured that their business premises will not be destroyed by private developers. The promise was made by Nnalongo Kirabira, Kampala Deputy Resident District Commissioner, during a meeting with the trader this morning. The meeting came five days after a private developer, Abdul Kasai, attempted to demolish buildings located on a plot on the periphery of the Old Taxi Park. Kasai claims purchased the plots lawfully from Kampala City Council. 53 traders lost their merchandise during the demolition attempt in the early hours of Christmas day. Kirabira told the President Yoweri Museveni halted the sale of plots at the taxi park. She said any destruction of property under the guise of redevelopment is not permitted until a parliamentary probe on the land sale is completed. Kirabira's address strengthened the resolve of the traders who have been vowing not to leave without a fight. Some of them have been protecting their premises with bows and arrows in case of a repeate demolition attempt. The area LC1, Okello Kolo, says goods worth 30 million shillings were looted during the demolition. He says the police have opened up a case file at the Central Police Station to handle issues arising from the demolition.


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