O-Level Students to take Seven Compulsory Subjects

12649 Views Kampala, Uganda
The national secondary school syllabus has been revised, requiring all O-level students in Uganda to take seven compulsory subjects. Connie Kateeba, Director of the Uganda National Curriculum Development Center, says the syllabus was amended to ensure that all O-level students receive the basic training necessary to steer the country towards sustained economic growth and development. The students will all be required to be examined in mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. //Cue in: iThe science subjects #i Cue: i# to the citizens.i// The new syllabus requirements begin with Senior Three students this academic year. Meanwhile the second phase of the revision of the secondary school syllabus is underway. It involves integrating and merging several subjects without compromising quality. For instance biology, agriculture and animal production may be merged into one new subject. The second phase also involves the introduction of more vocational subjects to increase the marketability of O-level leavers.