NCDC to Introduce Continuous Assessment in Primary School

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The National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) plans to introduce Continuous assessment as one of the basic educational principles of teaching and learning in lower primary school. The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) coordinator, Remegious Baale, says Continuous Assessment is part of the ongoing education reform process in Uganda. Under the new system, teachers will be required to use Individual Child Progress Card, to keep track of the children's competence and performance. Bale says this will be vital in creating a reliable picture of the learner's strengths and weaknesses as specified in the syllabuses. The system will be especially be important from Primary four to seven where all results from the various assignments will be stored and then retrieved for the final grading of the PLE. Meanwhile the NCDC is proposing to introduce a thematic kind of curriculum which reflects relevant issues affecting the children and their communities. Bale says the thematic type of curriculum is intended to make learning relevant and to equip students with the relevant skills applicable in their communities. //Cue in: iThe main emphasis# Cue out: #to the home.i // Baale says the thematic type of curriculum will be taught in 26 different local languages, including Luganda, Lunyankole, Lukiga, Lugbara, Lusoga, Ateso, Lunyoro, Lutoro, Acholi, Lukonzo and Ngakaramojong.


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