Maternal Anemia on the Rise

2248 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
Maternal anemia and iron deficiency remain at epidemic levels among many expectant women in Uganda. Dr Jacinta Sabiiti, the Senior Medical Officer in Charge of Nutrition in the Ministry of Health, says more than 50% of pregnant women in Uganda, suffer from severe iron deficiency making them anemic and exposing the unborn babies and the mother to risk. Anemia in pregnant women reduces a woman's ability to survive bleeding during and after childbirth post partum hemorrhage (PPH)) and may result in premature and/or lower birth weight babies with a higher risk of death. During a meeting on the control of maternal anemia in Kabale town, Dr Sabiiti attributed the cases to poor nutritional, worm infestations and malaria. Dr.Patrick Tusiime, the Kabale district Director of Health Services, associated maternal anemia to a significant reduction in the consumption of traditional foods like green vegetables, local millet porridge and other foodstuffs rich in iron.


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