Malaba CID Boss Goes into Hiding

1193 Views Tororo, Uganda
Dominic Manyi, the Malaba district criminal investigations officer, has fled into hiding. Manyi was forced into hiding, shortly after he allegedly shot and killed Peter Odima, a man suspected to be behind a spate of robberies in Malaba town. Odima was shot and killed on Sunday and his body, found dumped nears a swamp. But Odima's relatives are furious about the circumstances under which he died and have pitched camp at Malaba police station demanding for an explanation about his death. Joseph Mwesigye, the officer in charge of Malaba Police station says that Odima was shot at while trying to escape from lawful custody. But this explanation has been disputed by one of Odima's relative, a retired soldier who argues that there is evidence to show that Odima was shot from the front and not at the back. Odima's relatives have threatened to launch revenge attacks on the CID boss But Mwesigye says the case can only be settled by a post mortem report.


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