Madi & West Nile Diocese Bishop to Retire in December

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Rt. Rev Obetia says he is only left with two and half months to end his term of office and when the time comes for him to retire and pave way for installation of a new Bishop, he is ready.

Rt. Rev Dr. Joel Obetia, the Bishop of Madi and West Nile Diocese is set to retire later this year.

Bishop Obetia told URN in an interview in Mvara in Arua Municipality that he is only left with two and half months to end his term of office.

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Cue out…Notice to synod"//

According to Bishop Obetia, he has already written to the church synod expressing his plans to retire.

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Cue out….Haven't been good"//
Bishop Obetia appeals to Christians to keep praying for him as he ends his term of office. Sam Onzia Olema, a member of the diocese has welcomed Bishop Obetia's decision to retire.
He says the Bishop used his term of office to unite church leaders and Christians and also complete the construction of Emmanuel cathedral, the main Cathedral for Madi and West Nile Diocese.

He however, says the Bishop failed to address the issue of motivating priests and teachers attached to church schools.

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