Lukyamuzi not Eligible for Nomination - Electoral Commission

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The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Badru Kiggundu says John Ken Lukyamuzi, who until Wednesday was the Member of Parliament for Rubaga South, does not qualify to be nominated for next month's elections. Kiggundu saus that because Lukyamuzi was removed from office for breaching the Leadership Code of conduct, he is ineligible to stand for public office. Lukyamuzi's problems began on Wednesday when the Clerk to Parliament, Aeneas Tandekwire, wrote to the Electoral Commission announcing the Rubaga South seat vacant. The letter said a decision to expel Lukyamuzi from the 7th Parliament followed his failure to declare his wealth to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) in time. The Leadership Code Act requires every public leader to declare their wealth every two years. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal or the leader's position being declared vacant. In defense of the Electoral Commission's position, Kiggundu quoted Section 235 of the Constitution of Uganda. The section says a person who has been dismissed or removed from office for breaching the Leadership Code of Conduct shall be disqualified from holding any other public office, whether appointive or elective. Ken Lukyamuzi was yesterday morning turned away from the nomination center at Kampala City Council after the Returning Officer, James Segane, received a call from the Electoral Commission asking him to halt the former MPs nomination. Lukyamuzi has until today afternoon to sort out the matter with the Electoral Commission in order to be nominated to stand in next month's polls. He said he is consulting with his lawyer, Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, on the legal implications of his expulsion from the 7th Parliament and his nomination. //Cue in iWe are still#i Cue out i#offend the law.i// Lukyamuzi is the second high profile public official to lose his office over the Leadership Code. In 2004, President Musevenmi sacked hii senior political advisor, Maj. Roland Kakoza Mutale on the recommendation of the Inspector General of Government, for failing to declare his wealth.


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