Kagadi Hospital Mortuary Attendant Post Unfilled for Three Years

1249 Views Kibaale, Uganda
For the past three years Kagadi Hospital has not had a trained mortuary attendant. The Kagadi Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. James Olowo, told a meeting of hospital staff and district officials that the post of mortuary attendant has remained vacant so long because they are very few people willing to work in field of pathology. He said that as a result, the mortuary is in a poor condition and is a health threat to other patients at the hospital. The mortuary assistant is charged with assisting the licensed mortician in embalming duties. The assistant is also responsible for keeping the morgue in appropriate sanitary and hygienic conditions as well as undertaking the receipt, storage and release of diseased persons. Morgue assistant are also required to prepare bodies for the purpose of family viewing and police identification processes. The Kibaale District Director of Health Services, Dr. Dan Kyamanywa said it was unacceptable for the hospital that the post of such an important officer was unfilled for son long. He asked the district service commission to urgently advertise the post in order to provide quality services for all patients at the hospital.