IGG Orders Katuna Border Immigration Department to Style Up

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Faith Mwondah, the Inspector General of Government, has ordered the permanent secretary ministry of internal affairs to revamp the immigration department at Katuna Border post. The order stems from reports about the significant loss of revenue at Katuna Border post, because of mismanagement. An investigation carried out by the IGG in 2007 found out that the immigration clearing procedures was fraught with several irregularities. The irregularities ranged from misappropriation of money and improper accounting procedures. The IGG found out that the number of entrants into Uganda through Katuna Border post did not tally with the amount of money collected in entry permit fees. Uganda Radio Network visited Katuna Border post, and found out that upon arrival at the entry point, travelers are given the entry permits on payment of 5,000 shillings. Details filled on the form are however rarely scrutinized by the immigration officials. In addition, the IGG found out that the money collected from the travel permits is never remitted on time to the relevant authorities. The situation was even suspicious when the IGG found out that the money collected from travelers is never kept in a safe but rather put under the custody of the officers on duty who remit it to the internal affairs ministry at their own wish. Eunice Kisembo, the immigration department spokesperson, explains that streamline immigration procedures are vital in detecting fraud. //Cue in: If you're an immigrant# Cue out: #visa prone country.// The IGG recommends that the arrival declaration cards at the Border must be redesigned to give specific details On who should pay the Visa fees and who is exempted. In addition, the permanent secretary was asked to provide a money safe to ensure that the daily cash collections are well secured before the money is taken to the bank.


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