Hoima Meningitis Death Toll Rises

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The number of people killed by a new meningitis outbreak in Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima district has reached four. Health officials say the latest victim of the contagious disease was 40-year-old Yosse Masikini of Haibaale village. Masikini was admitted to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital on Sunday and died a few hours later. The meningitis outbreak in Kigorobya was first reported a week ago, when a man identified only as Manyireki, suddenly passed away. Shortly after his death, 23-year-old Henry Alinda and 47-year-old Grace Tibenda, who were neighbors of the first meningitis victim, died of the disease. Two other people are admitted in serious condition at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital. Dr. Joseph Ruyonga, the Hoima District Health Officer, says he visited Haibaale village in Kigorobya two days ago to assess the conditions there. He says samples of spinal fluids of the victims were taken for assessment and a full report on the outbreak there will be released soon. According to Ruyonga, it is suspected that the disease was spread from neighboring districts where meningitis outbreaks are common. In 2008 meningitis outbreaks were reported in Masindi, Gulu, Moyo, Arua and Nebbi districts. The outbreaks were predicted in late 2007 when the International Federation of the Red Cross warned that 14 Africa countries, including Uganda, could face one of the worst meningitis epidemics in recent memory. Meningitis is the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the central nervous system. While some forms are mild and resolve on their own, meningitis is a potentially serious condition owing to the proximity of the inflammation to the brain and spinal cord and can lead to death, if untreated.


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