Hoima Companies in Brawl over Taxi Park Management

1503 Views Hoima, Uganda
Activity at Hoima Taxi and Bus Park has resumed as normal after chaos on Thursday evening threatened to halt all public transport in and out of the district. The fight is between Serve Electronics Limited and Hoima Drivers Forum. Both organizations claim to have a tender to manage the park and cannot agree on who has a right to collect daily dues from the bus and taxi operators. Yesterday's problems started when Jackson Wabyona, director of Serve Electronics Limited, stormed the park with a group of youth and began to forcefully collect fees. Wabyona claimed to have received powers of attorney to manage business on behalf of Hoima Drivers Forum and should be in charge of the taxi and bus park. Members of Hoima Drivers Forum reacted angrily. People fled the park as the two groups traded insults and came to blows. Police were called in to restore order and the warring organizations were summoned to the Resident District Commissioner's office for reconciliation talks. At the meeting it was discovered that in 2008 Jackson Wabyona was granted the tender to manage the park. He hired Hoima Drivers Forum to collect revenue on his behalf. The forum had its own documentation that showed it had authority to manage the park until the end of this financial year. Jane Kaliba, the RDC, temporarily ruled in favor of the drivers. She said they had produced sufficient proof of their claim. Godfrey Tibenda, spokesperson of Hoima Drivers Forum, says the organization will sue Jackson Wabyona for revenue lost during the standoff. //Cue in: "These people ..." Cue out: "... legal steps against them."// The anti-riot police is maintaining surveillance of the park to prevent further attack. ###