Head Teacher in Trouble over Student UNEB Examination Fees

1446 Views Masaka, Uganda
Bonifansio Chandiga, the head teacher of Prince Kalema Secondary School in Masaka is in trouble for the theft of shillings 2.2 million meant for registering senior six candidates for their UNEB examinations. Patrick Bamanyindo, Masaka Criminal Investigations Officer says that Chandinga received shillings 2.2 million from 11 senior 6 students for their examinations but failed to register them with UNEB. Bamanyindo says that they have started hunting for Chandinga to explain why he didn't register the students and the whereabouts of the money. He says that Abdunoor Kalema, the Director of Prince Kalema Secondary School, tipped off police about theft of the student's examination money. . Bamanyindo says that Kalema told police that Chandiga collected the money from the affected students without his knowledge and disappeared. Kalema learnt of the theft when the affected students stormed his office today and threatened to set the school premises a blaze. Peter Mande, one of the affected students explains that Chandiga asked them to pay shillings 200,000 each and promised to register them at Kaddugala secondary school because their school lacks a UNEB center. Mande says that they sensed trouble when the list of candidates at Kaddugala Secondary school returned without their names. He says that they immediately rushed to Prince Kalema secondary school to inquire from Chandiga why their names were missing on the list but he fled from office without explanation. Patrick Bamanyindo, Masaka CID officer says that Kalema has compensated each of the affected students. He however says that none of the affected students will be able to seat their final exams this year because they missed out on the registration exercise.


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