Finance Ministry Accused of Issuing Bounced Checque to Striking Lecturers

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Makerere University Bursar Ben Byambabazi has accused the Ministry of Finance of issuing a check of 460 million shillings for arrears of salary enhancements for lecturers and it bounced. This was released during a joint meeting of Members of Parliament on the Social Services, Gender and Social Development, officials from the Ministry of Education and Makerere University to discuss the closure of the university. Kenneth Mugambe the Commissioner in charge of budget policy department at the Ministry of Finance told the MPs that they released the 460 million check at the beginning of this month but the Byambabazi said the check bounced. //Cue in: 460 million shillings# Cue out: #cash system.i // The Makerere University Academic Staff (MUASA) is concerned about their living wage about three weeks ago. A total of who include 47 professors demanding for 2.8m, 16 associate professors 2.5m, 210 senior lecturers 2.1m, 423 lecturers 1.5m, 196 lecturers 1.2m each as basic salary. Dr. Simba Ssali in charge of the student affairs on the MUASA executive said when the university opens they will need five to six weeks to sum up the semester; two to three weeks to sum up lectures and the last three for exams. Simba said 50 percent of the students had not registered by the time the university closed while another 50 percent of the students had not gotten their identity cards. The worry is the two weeks for finalizing lectures will be wasted in lining up to register and others for identity cards because no student is allowed to sit for exams without one. The students want the registration process to continue, library to remain open so that students finish their assignments and the issuing of IDs as things normalize. The deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academic affairs Lillian Tibatemwa assured MPs that the students will be compensated for the time lost when the university opens. Tibatemwa also said that they are going to discuss the students request but they also want the student body to make a commitment that this will not turn out to be a security risk.


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