FDC Backs Okumu For Aswa Despite Court Ruling

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On Friday last week, Gulu High Court nullified the nomination of Reagan Okumu as the Aswa county FDC party candidate. Court directed Electoral Commission to give Acire the FDC party symbol.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has said it will back Reagan Okumu for Aswa County seat, despite a court ruling in favour of his rival Christopher Acire.

Party spokesperson Ssemujju Nganda, told URN that Acire's decision to ignore party position to support Okumu, as its flag bearer tantamount to indiscipline.

Semujju says the party is in the process of appealing the Gulu High Court decision.

On Friday last week, the Gulu High Court ruled that Okumu's nomination was null and void since the party ignored calls from Acire to hold primary elections for the seat.  Acire had asked court to force the party to hold party primaries and declare him the official flag bearer.

It also directed the Electoral Commission to give Acire the party symbol and support, instead of Okumu, who is the incumbent MP of Aswa and also the deputy president FDC party.

Wilson Oyat Chagga, the Gulu FDC secretary general says that they cannot support Acire because he has shown incompetence ever since he was elected.

He accuses Acire of using abusive language against women and intimidating the party officials, if he is not supported.

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Benson Obeta, the Electoral Commission officer in Gulu told URN that the EC has received a copy of the instructions from the court and are in the process of enforcing it.

He warned Okumu and FDC to desist from going against the court ruling, stating the party is not above the court.

Acire is the incumbent MP for Gulu Municipality, now seeking to oust the Aswa incumbent Okumu. Acire claims he has more support in Aswa than in Gulu Municipality.


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