DP treasurer disappears with Shs 20 million

1366 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Democratic Party (DP) Deputy Treasurer, Santos Mila has disappeared with over 20 million shillings. The money was budgeted for transport and food allowances for the members who turned up for the delegate's conference at Namboole. DP officials said yesterday that Santos Mila disappeared yesterday morning, after attending a party at Ggaba Beach. The party was organized to celebrate John Sebaana's victory as the new DP president. After disappearing Santos called some delegates on their mobile phones and started inciting them against Sebana. The delegates reportedly threatened to hold Sebana hostage at Pope Memorial Center until he paid their allowances. Sebana frantically searched through his accounts and acquired 50 million shillings which he used to pay the over 1000 delegates. Meanwhile the whereabouts of Santos Mila are still unknown. He has reportedly switched off his phone and has not reported at his house till now.


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