DP, FDC Entebbe Parliamentary candidates Feud over Election Rigging

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Mohammed Kawuma,  the Democratic Party candidate for the Entebbe Parliamentary seat, is accusing the Forum for Democratic Change candidate of colluding with the NRM to rig the elections.
Kawuma is contesting for the seat in a by-election that includes FDC’s Wilberforce Seryazi, NRM's Patience Mubangizi and Hawah Nakibuule an Independent.
The seat fell vacant after the court ordered for a by-election scheduled for Thursday next week.

The DP is confident Kawuma who polled about 13,000 votes in the last elections is stronger than Seryazi who polled only 1000 votes.
Kawuma now accuses Seryazi of colluding with the NRM to manipulate and present a fabricated election form that only matches with the NRM’s Mubangizi so she can win. He alleges that the forms will then be smuggled into the polling centre, to disqualify Kawuma.
//Cue in: There is collusion…”
Cue out:…be out of context.”//
But Seryazi has denied the allegations and is challenging Kawuma to produce evidence. He says there is no need to negotiate for a parliamentary seat, if they failed to agree on a presidential candidate.
He describes Kawuma’s allegations as the last kicks of a dying horse and is confident of an outstraight victory.
Both candidates however, have not changed strategy and a winning message to the people.

Kawuma and Seryazi agree that the problems facing people in Entebbe such as unemployment, poverty and high inflation are problems facing the Nation.

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