Courts Increase Efforts to Reduce Backlog of Cases

3591 Views Kampala, Uganda
The High Court in Kampala plans to dispose off inactive files, to get rid of the heavy backlog of cases- one of the greatest challenges facing the judiciary today. The High Court Registrar, Paul Gadenya, says the judiciary is passing through a period of acute crisis and courts are over-burdened with cases. He however says some cases have been rendered dormant over time, because either the litigants have not been appearing on the due dates of hearing or their lawyers, abandoned the cases. Gadenya says the slow dispensation of justice has become a focal issue and concerted efforts are being made to reduce the number of pending cases. According to Gadenya, The Civil Division of the High Court registered the highest number of cases in 2006. This was followed by the Commercial and Lands Divisions. Gadenya is optimistic that an increase in the number of judges and dismissal of inactive cases will greatly reduce the case backlog. // Cue in: iWe intend to be more# Cue out: #only active cases.i Gadenya says the Judiciary plans to introduce a fast track mechanism where simple cases like personal loans and small money claims are solved within a short time without going through protracted litigation. Under this mechanism the judiciary will set a timeframe within which certain cases must be disposed of. Gadenya says the proposal is still under scrutiny by the authorities in the Judiciary. // Cue in: iWe will try and find# Cue out: # something for the future.i //


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