Court Revokes Deportation Order for Suspected German Drug Trafficker

1740 Views Kampala, Uganda
A German man arrested at Entebbe International Airport on suspicion of drug trafficking will not be deported to his home country. Peters Volker Adolf Heinrich was arrested in September as he attempted to board a British Airways flight with a box of cocaine. In October, Internal Affairs Minister Kirunda Kivejinja issued an order to deport Heinrich on the basis that he was an undesirable immigrant. The German's certificate of residence was cancelled soon thereafter. On Wednesday, Michael Okecha, Heinrich's lawyer, told court that his client had lived in Uganda for 42 years and had never committed an offense warranting deportation. He said the order to deport the German national was illegal. Okecha added that his client ought to have the opportunity to defend himself against the drug trafficking charges. Justice Vincent Kibuuka Musoke of the High Court in Kampala complied and halted the deportation order. He said Heinrich deserved his day in court. Justice Kibuuka Musoke also pointed out that the Minister had misapplied the immigration law. He said government could not use a deportation order to declare a foreign national a prohibited immigrant. According to the judge, there was no evidence to prove that Heinrich was a national security threat who warranted deportation. The drug trafficking case against Peters Volker Adolf Heinrick will be heard next month. ###