Court orders Prisons Boss to produce PRA suspects.

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The High Court has ordered the Commissioner General of Prisons, Johnson Byabashaija, to produce in Court tomorrow 11 suspects of the People's Redemption Army who were granted bail two years ago. Last week the Court of Appeals ruled that the continued detention of the suspects was unlawful and violates their basic human rights. The court ruled that the suspects should first be released from prison on the bail terms granted to them in 2005 before a case of illegal possession of firearms, which they are facing in the army court martial, can proceed. Consequently the High Court yesterday evening issued a Production Warrant for 11 suspects in order to comply with the order from the Court of Appeals. Byabashaija however defied an order to produce the suspects in court today. He said he would only respond to a warrant issued by the Army General Court Martial because the suspects were detained under an order from the Army Court. High Court Registrar Paul Gadenya says Byabashaija must appear before him together with the suspects tomorrow or risk facing tougher action. He did not divulge details of what would be done if the Prisons boss defies the court order again.


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