Civil Servants Shun ICT Innitiative

2360 Views Kampala, Uganda
The government Information and Communications Technology [ICT] initiative, is hangs in balance. In June last year government signed a memorandum with Tropix technologies to provide students and civil servants with laptops at an affordable price. Only a handful of the intended beneficiaries have acquired the laptops through the scheme. James Mututa, an official from the vice president's office who is coordinating the program, attributes the lack of response from civil servants to bureaucracy and exorbitant costs of the laptops. Mututa says that one of the conditions those applying for the laptop were required to fulfill was to open an account in Stanbic bank, which he says was unnecessary. He explains that an average laptop at Tropix costs about $ 700 that is way too high compared to the price of laptops in Kampala streets. Mututa also claims that those who were in charge of marketing the laptops were too arrogant. He says that as a result the marketers failed to woo civil servants to buy laptops. Kalisa Fugi, the assistant programs manager Tropix Technology agrees that indeed the program was marred by bureaucracies, which have been eliminated. On the high cost of the laptop, Kalisa says that are planning to reduce the price of the laptops to $ 350 by March this year.


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