Bunyoro Leaders Request for University in Masindi

1025 Views Hoima, Uganda
Political leaders in Bunyoro have petitioned President Yoweri Museveni to upgrade Kigumba Cooperative College in Masindi into a university next year. In a memorandum presented to the President during a consultative meeting in Hoima last evening, the Bunyoro leaders said it was a shame that despite being the home to the oldest kingdom in the Great Lakes region, it has no public university. They said a university at Kigumba would be used to emphasize key engineering and technology studies that are currently weak or non-existent in other universities like oil and petroleum students and environmental management. The leaders argue that locating a university that teaches petroleum studies near the recently discovered oil fields at the shores of Lake Albert would make practical and financial sense. In a related development the leaders asked government to guarantee a fair distribution of the oil wealth for the Bunyoro population. They proposed that the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, as the owner of the land in which the oil wells are located, should get three percent of the 17 percent royalties to be paid to government. They also asked that government include the Banyoro in all the plans for the growth of the sector. President Yoweri Museveni's stop in Hoima was his last in a five-day whirlwind tour of Bunyoro.