Besigye Demands Government Explains Muslim Leaders Killings

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According to Dr. Kizza Besigye, many Muslim leaders are now living in fear of their lives since government has failed to protect them.

Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye is demanding that government produces a public report on the killing of different Muslim leaders in the country.
Besigye who addressed a rally in Arua on Wednesday at Arua Hill Boma Grounds told the gathering that Museveni's government should come out openly to explain to who is killing Muslim leaders.
According to Besigye, many Muslim leaders are now living out of fear for their lives since government has failed to protect them. 
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Recently, several Muslim leaders have been shot dead in mysterious circumstances in the last one year, without any accountability from government. 
Besigye also cited the killing of Muslims in Western Uganda years back, without a clear report produced.
Besigye says they are currently fighting to bring change where a new Uganda is formed with good security for all people, regardless of individual and religious differences.

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According to Besigye, the current Uganda police force and other security agencies are known for intimidating and harassing people, which makes people avoid police.
"Uganda police is not police of the people but police to protect Museveni and his dictatorial rule," Besigye said.
Besigye also told the people he will transform the different security institutions to make them become pro-people and create a friendly environment for people to access them for better service delivery than causing fear and panic in the population.