Amuru Teachers Trek 42 kms Daily to School

1628 Views Amuru, Ethiopia
Primary school teachers in Amuru district are spending more time traveling from their homes to their schools than teaching their pupils. A Rapid Assessment of Learning Space report released Tuesday says the teachers walk from six to 40 kilometers every day, leaving some of them with just two hours in their classrooms. The Ministry of Education recommends that teachers spend at least six hours with their students. The report, based on research at 101 primary schools in Amuru, was intended to form a base for policy and program improvements on quality primary education in the district. The report highlighted late coming, absenteeism and abandonment of teachers as some of the reasons for the lowered the quality of education in the northern Uganda district. It also notes that in many schools, pupils of different classes are being made to share lessons due to inadequate classroom facilities. Anthony Atube, the Amuru district LC5 chairman, says that in 2006 only 29 of the the more than 2,600 students who sat for the Primary Leaving Exams passed in Division One.


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