Adult Education Centres Take Root in Kampala.

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Annet Mukiibi dropped out of school at primary six, for lack of school fees.
Over ten years later, she secured a support-staff job at a nursery school, and got inspired to establish her own.
But Mukiibi didn't have a qualification that would allow her to run a nursery school.
She decided to return to school. At 24, Mukiibi is in primary seven at the Nakivubo Blue Primary Adult Education Centre.
If she passes her primary leaving exams, she will enroll for O'level at the centre, after which she hopes to get into college for a certificate in Nursery Teaching.
She is just one of the hundreds of adults that are taking to class, as the value of education becomes clearer to them.
Stella Acheing, 33, is a senior six student at Modern Adult Education Centre along Nasser road.
She failed senior four at age 17, and was demoralized. A year ago, she decided that she was tired of begging her husband for money for house expenses.
The stay-home mother of one is studying to be able to earn an income of her own in future.
Acheing prefers to pay 150, 000UShs per term in such a specialized centre, than join a regular Universal Secondary Education School, for fear of embarrassment.
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Laban Kabuye, the Headmaster of the centre says that the classes can be as big as 100 students sometimes.
He says that the study program is a shortened one as opposed to the full regular school time table.
Most of the classes are conducted in the evening, and the school day is only 3 hours.
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Musa Mbazira, the Principal of the Nakivubo Blue Adult centre says that most of his students are Kikuubo businessmen, vendors in Owino market and boda boda riders among others. Over 60 percent of the students are women.
He says that some of them seem to return to school as a result of frustration.
He points out a case of a fifty-two year-old man who enrolled, to be able to read road signs and building names in Kampala, so he could find his way around the city.
He adds that because of such situations, some of them tend to be impatient, and want to complete the syllabus in one month.
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The Ministry of Education and Sports runs separate Adult Literacy Programs across the country.
People who fell back on their education enroll for these programs and study free of charge, starting with the basics of learning to read and write.