600 Karamojongs Face Evictions from City Slum

1234 Views Kampala, Uganda
More than 600 Karamojongs residing in the city's slum area of Kisenyi are facing eviction. The Central Division Chairman, Godfrey Nyakana, says the Karamojongs must leave the slums because they are becoming a nuisance and a security threat to the city residents. Nyakana says he has received several complaints from local leaders about the increasing health and security risk posed by the destitute. Nyakana plans to meet Members of Parliament from Karamoja region early next month, to discuss the eviction plans. He has asked Government to put in place mechanisms that would deter the Karamojong from flocking into the city. Karamojong women and children comprise the biggest percentage of beggars that come to the streets of Kampala daily in search of a living. KCC authorities say previous efforts to remove them from Kampala streets have been thwarted by unscrupulous people who are transport them back to the City.