250 MUK BCom External Students to Miss Graduation

8710 Views Kampala, Uganda
About 250 Bachelor of Commerce External (BCom External) students at Makerere University will not graduate as expected this week because some of the results of their final exams are missing. Makerere Academic Registrar, Amos Olal-Odur, told a news conference today that his office received the complete results of only 65 of the more than 300 BCom External students. //Cue in: iBy Wednesday #i Cue out: i# their marks together.i// The administration of BCom External was transferred from the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) to Makerere University in 2004 in a restructuring exercise that saw the program moved to the Faculty of Management and Economics. The MUBS administration insists that it submitted all the students' records and results to Makerere University when the transfer took place. It blames Makerere University for negligence in handling the students' results. Makerere University instituted a team to investigate the anomaly. The team, headed by James Akampumuza, the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, is yet to hand in its report to the Minister of Education to decide the fate of the BCom External students.