21 Congolese Refugees Flee into Kisoro

1075 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
A group of 21 Congolese refugees fled into Kisoro district last night claiming that the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo had become too unbearable for them. Nine mothers and 12 children arrived in Kisoro town last night after a long trek from Masisi in the DRC's North Kivu Province. The visibly weak and exhausted refugees said the increased lawlessness in their country was making it hard for them to live there. They said the high number of rape and torture cases as well as lack of access to basic necessities like food and medicine forced them to flee to Uganda. One of the women said her house was burned to and her husband kidnapped by militia operating in the province. The Kisoro Resident District Commissioner, David Masereka, says he has contacted the United Nations refugee office in Mbarara to have the refugees transferred to camps away from the border post. He says well wishers and humanitarian organizations are providing the group with food, medicine, shelter and clothing until they are transferred from Kisoro.