Resettling IDP's a Major Challenge for East Africa in 2007-UN

1027 Views Kampala, Uganda
The United Nations says resettling the internally displaced people will be the greatest challenge for Aid workers In Uganda, Somalia, and Sudan. Speaking on the Voice of America's English to Africa program, the head of the Central and East Africa bureau of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Nairobi, Besida Tonwe, said Many IDP's are so vulnerable and may need direct food assistance, while those who are on the rebound will need seed and tools. Tonwe says the situation has been compounded by floods and earlier in the year drought and resilience by the vulnerable has been stretched. In Uganda, the UN says over the next 12 months, more than four times as many IDP's now living in camps are expected to return. Uganda is also home to over 216, 000 refugees, mostly from Sudan, Congo-Kinshasa, and Rwanda. Last year, over 21 thousand returned home. Tonwe says the internally displaced women and children are at the greatest risk because they can't fend for themselves in armed conflicts, and children


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