Kampala Police Arrests Seven 'Kimansulo' Dancers

11122 Views Kampala, Uganda
Police in Kampala have arrested seven suspected nude dancers. The suspects were rounded up on Thursday night, during a raid on Park View bar, a popular nightspot along Luwum Street. The Kampala Central Police Station commander, Ivan Nkwasibwe, says the seven suspects - all women - were found performing nude dances at the bar. Eight men were also netted during the raid and will appear in Court next week. Nkwasibwe says the suspects will be charged with corrupting public morals and promoting indecent practices. According to Nkwasibwe Park View Bar has become a notorious spot for nude dancers, commonly known as 'kimansulo' in the city. He says the Park View Bar proprietors have refused to heed to police warnings against promoting kimansulo.


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