LRA Accused of Violating Truce Agreement

835 Views Kampala, Uganda
Fighters of the Lord's Resistance Army have once again been accused of violating the terms of a Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed with the Government of Uganda. The charge comes from the Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF), who in a press statement issued today, claim that the LRA ambushed a senior UPDF officer about 20 kilometers from Juba town in Southern Sudan. According to the statement, Major Richard Otto, a UPDF Liaison Officer was attacked yesterday while on his way from Juba. In the ensuing gun battle, an LRA rebel was reportedly wounded. The UPDF has written a protest to the cessation of hostilities committee and has urged the LRA to comply with the terms of the agreement. Claims of violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement have been made on several occasions since the deal was signed in August. However no conclusive evidence has been founded linking either the LRA or the UPDF to attacks in Southern Sudan. The agreement has been amended twice to accommodate new deadlines and the failure of the rebels to assemble at two neutral points in Southern Sudan. Oryem Okello, Uganda's State Minister for International Affairs, who is a member of the peace team to Juba, says that despite the numerous violations he is confident that a comprehensive peace agreement will be signed by April next year. Oryem says that the peace talks have progressed too far for their achievements to be reversed. //Cue in: iWhat is important #i Cue out: i# of no return.i// Oryem appeals to Ugandans to be patient with the progress of the talks.