Nateete Bus Terminal Failed by Partisan Politics

1370 Views Kampala, Uganda
The proprietor of the Nateete Bus Terminal has said that a program to move all bus services out of the central business district in Kampala to the suburbs was failed by politicking. Louis Ntale, whose bus terminal was constructed to accommodate all buses operating on the Western Uganda route, says the failure of his project was caused by lies and partisan politicians. He says President Yoweri Museveni was wrongly informed that the bus terminal in Nateete was built by members of the Democratic Party interested in pushing businessmen belonging to the National Resistance Movement out of the city center. Although he admits to being a Democratic Party sympathizer, Ntale insists that the construction of the Nateete Bus Terminal was merely prompted by him seeing an opportunity to invest in the transport sector and to participate in the ongoing expansion of Kampala city. He says that if President Museveni was given an opportunity to receive the proper information about the bus terminal, he would have issued a different directive on the matter. In October, all buses plying routes to Western Uganda were ordered to use the Nateete Bus Terminal as a base for their operations. However most bus operators shunned the directive, arguing that they had not been consulted on the matter. Owners of five large bus companies - Gateway, Perfect Coaches, Savannah Transporters, Swift Safaris and SB Transporters