Serere Chairperson Expelled from Council Over Firearm

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Joseph Opit Okojo, the Serere LC V chairman was expelled from the District council meeting on Monday for refusal to surrender his firearm to the sergeant at arms.

Joseph Opit Okojo, the Serere LC V chairman was expelled from the District Council meeting on Monday for refusing to surrender his firearm to the sergeant at arms.
Trouble started when Beatrice Anyumel, the Kyere Sub County woman councilor tasked Okojo through Fred Okello, the speaker Serere District Council, to substantiate his claims that she was part of the plan to eliminate him.
Before Okojo could respond, Robert Angwau, the Olio Sub County representative also shot up accusing the LC V chairman of making similar claims against him.  
However, the Deputy Speaker, Charles Okedieny, raised concern saying the lives of the councilors were in danger, since Okojo was armed.  He asked the speaker to direct Okojo, to hand over his pistol to the sergeant at arms before the council could proceed.

Okojo however refused to surrender the firearm or be searched, as directed by the speaker. Left with no option, the speaker Serere District Council ordered the Chairperson to leave the council meeting, which he did.
Okello explained that he had decided to expel the LC V chairperson from the council meeting for indiscipline and disrespecting his ruling.  
Speaking to URN Tuesday morning, Okojo dismissed claims that he was carrying a firearm when he was kicked out of the council meeting. He accused the speaker of expelling him from the council meeting on political grounds.
Okojo however, declined to reveal whether he is in possession of a firearm as was alleged by the deputy saying that was his security secret. 


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