Col. Kyanda to Investigate Illegal Migration in Bunyoro

Comments 1181 Views Kiruhura, Uganda
President Yoweri Museveni has appointed the Chief of Military Intelligence, Col. Leo Kyanda, to head an investigation into the migration of herdsmen from Ankole to the Bunyoro region. Meeting with leaders from Bunyoro at his home in Rwakitura earlier this week, Museveni said Col. Kyanda will investigate claims that the Banyankole cattle keepers have entered Bunyoro illegally and are being protected by some elements in the army. He will also investigate the influx of Congolese nationals into Masindi and Hoima districts. The president's statement came after Buliisa County Member of Parliament, Nyendwoha Mutiti, claimed that the migrant Banyankole herdsmen are grabbing land from Banyoro under the protection of some of security operatives. Mutiti specifically said a Major in the army has been supporting the activities of the cattle keepers. He however declined to disclose his identity. Museveni said he will also investigate a case in which operatives claiming to be from the State House murdered people in Bugungu on the shores of Lake Albert.