Lukyamuzi to broker talks in Rubaga North opposition to get joint candidate

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The Opposition in Rubaga is in frantic effort to try and salvage Rubaga North Constituency from the tight grip of the National Resistance Movement - NRM. Former Rubaga South Member of Parliament - MP, Ken Lukyamuzi is spearheading an effort to find one opposition candidate stand against NRM's Singh Katongole. Rubaga North Constituency been in and out of the hands of the NRM and there is fear it might slip back if the opposition do not come together. Speaking to Uganda Radio Network, Ken Lukyamuzi said it would be a shame if the opposition loose Rubaga North to the movement. The opposition has fielded over candidates to run against the NRM's Singh Katongole. Among those vying for the seat is Forum for Democratic Change's John Kikonyogo, Democratic Party's Maxencia Takilambule, Social Democratic Party's Henry Lubowa and Tamale Solomon Abel. Also in the race are Moses Kasibante (Independent), Allen Kisigge (Independent) and Sempijja Patrick Kaweesi (People's Development Party - PDP) Lukyamuzi said though time was running out they were trying to have a meeting before the January 10, 2011. According to Lukyamuzi if he could manage to bring the likes of Moses Kasibante, John Kikonyogo (FDC), Henry Lubowa (SDP) to step down for one candidate the constituency would be salvaged from the NRM. John Kikonyogo (FDC) also expressed concern for a need for mediation talks but was worried if individual candidates would be willing to agree to a single candidate. However when asked why he was not considering including Takilambule into the talks, Lukyamuzi expressed concern that she might not accept the mediation being from the Mao camp. As predicted, when Takilambule was reached on a possibility of mediation, she dismissed the efforts but heaped the blame on IPC. According to her, it IPC that had agreements but then when ahead and co-opted other organizations which all brought candidates and urged them to the issue of candidates out minus her. Lukyamuzi maintains that the constituency was so strategic for the opposition to loose such a constituency with very vital Buganda installations saying the loss would be the biggest blow the opposition is set to suffer in the coming elections.


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