Bakaluba Mukasa Claims his Rivals want to Kill him

1271 Views Mukono, Uganda
Mukono South parliamentary candidate Reverend Peter Bakaluba Mukasa wants one of his opponents, Mary Nalugo Sekiziyivu, disqualified from the elections. Bakaluba has written to the Electoral Commission and the Internal Security Organization claiming that Nalugo's supporters are violating electoral laws. He says they have threatened to harm him and his supporters and he wants the two organizations to intervene to prevent violence. In August Bakaluba Mukasa was elected to represent his party, the National Resistance Movement, in next year's polls. It was his grand return to politics following his ousting as Mukono North MP in 2009 for electoral fraud. Bakaluba Mukasa and Mary Nalugo Sekiziyivu, the outgoing Mukono District Woman MP, have been at odds since the NRM primaries. Nalugo was initially named the NRM nominee, but Bakaluba petitioned the party's electoral commission and a rerun was declared. Nalugo insisted refused to participate in the fresh elections and decided to run as an independent candidate. In his letters to the Electoral Commission and the Internal Security Organization, Bakaluba alleges that Nalugo is causing him undue distress by publicly claiming that he stole the primary election vote. He says his opponent is sullying his reputation by spreading lies about his school. The reverend is the proprietor of Paul Mukasa Schools in Mukono. He says Nalugo accuses him of enrolling academic failures and producing poor students. Recently Bakaluba stormed Nalugo's campaign rally in Ntenjeru Sub-County Katosi and accused her of stealing his support. He said NRM supporters in Mukono organized the rally and as an independent candidate she had no right to be there. The crowd turned on Bakaluba. He escaped when the police came to his aid. Bakaluba also wants action taken against the NRM chairperson of Mpunge Sub-County, Haruna Ssemakula. He claims that Semakula threatened to shoot him at a rally in which he was meeting fishermen at Katosi landing site. Bakaluba says he is afraid for his life. Mary Nalugo Sekiziyivu says Bakaluba is childish. She says his petitions are caused by his disappointment in how little support he has in Mukono South. Nalugo says that at the start of the campaigns, Bakaluba boasted that his victory in the NRM primaries was an indication of the wishes of the people. She says he should leave the decision of the 2011 vote to the people instead of trying win sympathy through underhand methods. ###