Kamya Promises Overhaul of Education Sector

1098 Views Kampala, Uganda
Beti Olive Kamya promises an overhaul of Uganda's education system if elected into power next year. Yesterday Kamya, the Uganda Federal Alliance presidential candidate, participated in a discussion on her campaign values. The forum organized by the Citizen's Coalition for Electoral Democracy was a forum for the candidate to debate her proposed policies in depth and to present her strategy for change. Patrick Anoku, a student of Uganda Martyrs University who attended the discussion, said presidential candidates should do more to provide real solutions to the problems bedeviling the education sector. Likening schools in Uganda to Nazi concentration camps, Anoku said there was an urgent demand for change. //Cue in: "You find ..." Cue out: "... as good as concentration camps."// Kamya agreed with Anoku. She said the education system suppresses innovation and creativity and only trains students to pass exams. Kamya said that if she were elected she would order for a review of the school syllabus. She said the curriculum needs to be reviewed to incorporate modern teaching methods and close supervision of all students. Kamya proposed a substantial increment in teachers' salaries to motivate them to do better jobs. She said it was meaningless for Members of Parliament to earn large salaries when the people teaching their children are paid a pittance. //Cue in: "The salary of one MP ..." Cue out: "... for salaries."// Kamya said increased funding to local governments would improve teachers' welfare and the country's quality of education. ###