More Ritual Murders Registered this year Despite Increased Awareness

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Despite heightened awareness and a police crackdown, cases of human sacrifice increased in 2009. Thirteen children were rescued in the process of being sold and police registered six cases where the victims' body parts such as hair were used in witchcraft. According to the head of the anti-human sacrifice and trafficking unit at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Moses Binoga, twenty eight ritual murders were recorded this year compared to twenty six cases last year. Victims of ritual murders include both adults and children. Some of the victims were murdered and their body parts cut off while other victims died after their body parts were used in witchcraft. According to the yearly police statistics on missing persons more than a thousand people were traced and rescued by both the police and members of the public in an no-going countrywide crackdown on human sacrifice. Police say they are more relieved that the public is aware of the crime and the need to protect themselves and their children. //Cue in: iWhen we compare# Cue out: #to shy off.i// According to Binoga, the fate of 159 people both children and adults is yet to be known but police suspect they might have changed employment without alerting their bosses in-case of house maids. While others might have traveled to Juba for employment without alerting their relatives. Some of the people that have been found wondered off from their families without telling them where they were going of had just lost their way. Since the year began police has arrested a hundred and twenty four people suspected to have participated in ritual murders. Binoga says those who have appeared in court have been charged for murder, abduction, and kidnap and harming people through practicing witchcraft. Asked why ritual murders were springing up, Binoga says that they had always existed but police categorized them as murder.


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