Soldier Fights with Policemen over Illegal Roadblock

1104 Views Nebbi, Uganda
The sound of gunfire filled in the air in Nebbi town yesterday afternoon when police confronted an armed soldier who was operating an illegal roadblock at the main roundabout in the town. The soldier, Peter Ocaya, placed barriers in the middle of the road and demanded that anyone who wanted to pass that way should pay him 1,000 shillings. He threatened to shoot anybody who did not comply. Although Ocaya was drunk at the time, no one dared to challenge him because he had a gun. George Ondoma, the officer in charge of Nebbi Police Station, says a team was deployed to apprehend Ocaya. However the soldier didn't go down easy. He shot in the air several times and the police responded forcing him to surrender. Many people in the area dived for cover, afraid of being hit by stray bullets. Ondoma says the police recovered 27,000 shillings Ocaya had collected in the robbery. He says the soldier will be charged with simple robbery and assaulting a police officer on duty. Peter Ocaya was too drunk to record a statement. He is expected to do so today.