Black Market Fuel Prices in Gulu Hit Ushs.10,000

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The price of petrol in Gulu town has shot up to 10,000 shillings per litre on the black market as countrywide fuel shortages continue around Uganda. Seven of the eight fuel stations in Gulu did not have petrol today (Wednesday) and the pumps are silent. Only Total Fuel Station had petrol supplies that it was selling at 2,950 shillings per litre. David Mwaka, Record Clerk for Total in Gulu, said the price has been driven up by hoarding. He said the expensive fuel is being sold on the black market by people hiding petrol in their homes. Several bodaboda cyclists who refused to be named admitted to buying a litre of petrol from between 6,000 and 10,000 shillings from illegal suppliers who call themselves OPEC Boys. As a result transport fares have risen by 500 to 1,000 shillings. In Fort Portal a litre of petrol costs 4,500 shillings, while diesel is being sold at 2,700 shillings per litre. In Kasese district costs are a little lower with petrol at 4,000 shillings and diesel at 2,600 shillings. At Kobil petrol station in Masindi, the only station with fuel in the midwestern Ugandan town, a litre of petrol is going for 4,000 shillings. At Mogas in Kagadi town in Kibaale district, petrol is 6,500 shillings per litre. Mogas Kagadi is the only fuel station in Kibaale with supplies. In the neighboring Hoima district, petrol is selling at 5,000 shillings. Diesel in the Midwestern region averages at about 2,900 shillings a litre. In eastern Uganda prices are equally as high. In Mbale and Soroti petrol is 6,000 shillings. Diesel ranges between 2,700 shillings and 3,500 shillings per litre.


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