Arrest of Four Medical Officers Closes Year of Rise in Drug Thefts in Masindi

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Four people in Masindi have been arrested for the theft of drugs from Kibyama Health Centre, which is located in Nyangahya sub-county. The drugs, stolen on Monday night, were part of a new consignment delivered to Kibyama Health Center a week ago. Masindi's chief CID officer, John Baptist Bulega, says it is believed the robbery was an inside job. He says there were no signs of a forceful break in, suggesting that the thieves had access to the keys to the health center stores. Those arrested are James Ayera, the medical officer in charge of the health center, and his deputy, Esther Byenkya. Ayera was on leave at the time of the robbery. Others are Immaculate Agumu, the nursing assistant and a security guard, Godfrey Ayebazibwe. On the night of the robbery Ayebazibwe was not at his duty station and cannot explain his absence. On Tuesday Byenkya and Agumu were granted police bond. Their workmates are still in detention for questioning. Several tins of drugs were recovered by the police from James Ayera's home. However the drugs were not part of the recent and the police believe that the medical officer has made a habit of stealing medicine drugs from the health center. Ayera has several licensed drug shops in Masindi. One of the shops has been closed by the police as investigations continue. 2008 has been a year of significant crack downs on theft at health centers and hospitals in Masindi. Several civil servants have been questioned and prosecuted for the theft of drugs, money, generators and even fire extinguishers. However most cases remain unresolved.


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